Storage Unit Size Estimator

Not sure what size storage unit you need?

The information below will help you choose the storage unit that is right for you. If you need more help choosing the right size please feel free to call us anytime or stop by one of our locations. Our storage counselors will help you make the right choice.

Note: Not all sizes available at all locations. All unit sizes are approximate. Actual size may vary.

5' x 5'
25 sq. ft.
Small Closet

Small furniture, personal items, seasonal items, several boxes.

5x5 self storage unit
5' x 10'
50 sq. ft.
Walk-in Closet

Contents of small bedroom, couch and chair, mattress set, several boxes.

5x10 self storage unit
5' x 15'
75 sq. ft.
Large Walk-in Closet

Furnishings of a one bedroom apartment with no appliances, several boxes.

5x15 self storage unit
10' x 10'
100 sq. ft.
Average Size Bedroom

Furnishings of a  one bedroom apartment with appliances, lawn tools

10x10 self storage unit
10' x 15'
150 sq. ft.
Large Bedroom

Furnishings for a two bedroom apartment, appliances, furniture or small automobile.

10x15 self storage unit
10' x 20'
200 sq. ft.
Small One Car Garage

Furnishings of a two to three bedroom apartment or small house, appliances, lawn equipment
or automobile or small boat.

10x20 self storage unit
10' x 25'
250 sq. ft.
One Car Garage

Furnishings of a three to four bedroom house, lawn equipment, appliances, patio furniture or automobile or boat.

10x25 self storage unit
10' x 30'
300 sq. ft.
Large One Car Garage

Furnishings of a four or five bedroom house, appliances, lawn equipment, patio furniture, automobile, or boat or contents of a 40' moving van.

10x30 self storage unit