Lakewood Ranch Marks 30 Years of Development

Lakewood Ranch, FL

Lakewood Ranch was recently named the #1 multi-generational community in the United States. At Big Jim Self Storage, we are proud to serve such a vibrant and thriving community. Following is an informative ABC Action News article describing this accomplishment.

LAKEWOOD RANCH, Fla. — Lakewood Ranch stretches three exits off I-75 between Manatee and Sarasota counties.

We're told it's about the size of two Manhattans, and as far as population goes, you're looking at double the size of Dunedin.

Lakewood Ranch is a master-planned community with about 20 villages.

"So the goal of a master plan community is really to plan for the future. So to really have the long-term vision in mind to make decisions with the long view, be able to integrate education and services and trail networks, thinking about that really all comprehensively and how that all works together for the betterment of the whole community," explained Laura Cole, Senior VP of Lakewood Ranch

Take a tour of Lakewood Ranch, and you'll find restaurants, small businesses and large corporations. Housing-wise, you'll find everything from apartments and townhomes to million-dollar properties.

"So this is actually a great example. Waterside is a great example of how we really seek to be appealing to every generation at every price point," Cole said. "We have plenty of choices here. We have over 20 villages that are actively selling new homes right now."

A quick Google search of Lakewood Ranch, and you'll find they're winning huge accolades time and time again.

The community was recently named the #1 multi-generational community by some real estate firms.

"But I think one of the reasons why we keep coming up higher and higher up the list is because we're established, because people can see, feel and touch what they're coming to do and live in, and they get connected really quickly here," Cole said.

The community is continuing to add businesses too.

"There is such a diverse market here in Lakewood Ranch, you know, you can even see here in Waterside some of the retail shops and the restaurants," President & CEO of Lakewood Ranch Business Alliance Brittany Lamont said. "But we're also home to some of the larger employers FCCI group, we've got Lakewood Ranch Medical Center, Certified Collectible Group. I say there are a lot of hidden gems in the business community of Lakewood Ranch that people don't even know were here."

She said it's the prime location that's drawing businesses and new people alike.

"This is such a beautiful place to live, work and play. We have amazing school districts between Sarasota and Manatee County. You know, it is sunshine and gorgeous," Lamont said. "It's a master plan community. And then, really, I think it is a place in which people are looking to do business here locally, and that helps our employers."